Being back on set is soooo much fun!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for PLL to return in June <3 

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Got sent these flowers today. There was no card, but I’m gonna assume they were from my amazing husband.

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Daisy will be 1 in a few months. Where the hell does the time go?

I ask myself that every day. 

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Being a dad is real work.

You make it look so easy though.

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Mr. and Mrs.

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ezria wedding edit, if you use/save this please give me credit by liking or reblogging this post:)

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This is how she just woke up from her nap lol.

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I want a date night

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Playing with the kiddos

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I went to the live table read event in New York City, and I believe I was the only fan in the entire audience of 1,200 people with an actual camera and not just an iPhone. Lucian were ADORABLE. Every time Ian read his lines, Lucy would look at him. She cheered whenever a detail in the script redeemed Ezra. They even high fived at one point for Ezria. The pouty face Lucy made was during the scene with Ezra and Alison. 

She also called Ezra a “jackass” after one scene and it was hilarious, because it was rare whenever someone deviated from the script. 

Ian was really into the whole thing. He made the funniest facial expressions.

My favorite part, however, was probably before they even started and Lucy got Ian’s attention and pointed to his water bottle. He handed it to her, she took a few sips and handed it back. He took a sip and then put it back on the floor. Feeeeeels. 

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